Side of the Hill

by Haley Bowery

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The 2011 debut EP from singer-songwriter Haley Bowery.


released February 14, 2011

Music & Lyrics by Haley Bowery
Produced by Matthew Pop



all rights reserved


The Manimals Brooklyn, New York

Glam/pop-rock/punk. With teeth.

The Manimals are Haley Bowery, Jack Breslin, Michael Jayne, Chris Norwood, and Matt O'Koren.

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Track Name: Jukebox Dive
I just found myself, can’t give it up
But you keep filling up my cup
Who told you you should say those things to me
Who told you you should sing me off to sleep?

Gotta be some way to hold on to
My peace of mind, and still hold you
I think you could see me through dark days
We’ve both got some darkness in our veins

This is a record that my daddy played
Jesus and Mary Chain
You came with these maps just in time
This is the place I’ve tried to find

I’ll go out searching for that jukebox dive
And stay up drinking with you til the sunrise
I just gotta know, how’s it gonna be
How’s it gonna be when you love me?

I only love the boys whose words are raw
I only love the boys who write me songs
I’ve always cried out with no response
This heart just wants wants what it wants

This is a record that my daddy played
Jesus and Mary Chain
You came with these maps just in time
This was the place I've tried to find


All of those thoughts, don’t hold them in
And I’ll write my story on your skin
If this is how a beginning feels
What will we do when it gets real?

Track Name: Caterpillar
Last night, I swear,
I was a very hungry caterpillar
Is this right? Now my face is foreign
I’m just trying to harness
All of those weeks spent in darkness
Guess I’ll just regress or get restless
For what’s left undone

I know what’s coming
I've heard the whispers that the time is short
I know what’s coming
Still I’m racing to get to the start
Of the next adventure
And maybe no one will hold my hand
But the next adventure
Is a thing that I can’t plan

From this height, I can
Watch all of the people
Laugh and fight, but do they feel me flutter?
Though I am wise and lovely
I am oh so lonely
How I would die to be just
Green and hungry again


Everyone says come on get happy
Seize your moment, quiet your psyche
But no matter how far I get, my feet feel heavy
Everything just rushes by
I want what’s next, I want my history
Want to love everything that I can see
How come it’s not that easy?

Seems like life
Is just about waiting
For flight. Wondering,
When will there be color
When will there be water
When will there be another
Three weeks like that?

Track Name: Twelve Secrets
I know the fall you’re waiting for
I will meet you there
My skirt will move the leaves
When you look at me

I wanna tell my sister
You wanna tell your dad
But we are undercover
Keep it between each other

I know this time is different but I can’t say how
I will always picture you as you are now
I know this time is different but I can’t say how

I never thought I would
Find somebody, find somebody
This somebody, this somebody
Oh and we’ll adventure
Though we got no money
We got no money
No money, no money

You said that you would drive
Because I’ll never learn
Glad we agree on where
These secrets that we share

We’re not without reason, it’s all in the book
The song the band was playing and the pictures we took
We’re not without reason, it’s all in the book


I can’t read the future but
Surely I can read your face
Baby we can rip out the sutures
New skin grows now in their place

I never thought I would
Be so ready, be so ready
Feel so steady, I feel so steady
Even though my insides
They beat so heavy, they beat so heavy
So heavy, so heavy, so heavy, so heavy...
Track Name: Side of the Hill
I can smell the winter leaving
This’ll be our fourth season
When we met seems so far
Tequila in the back of the bar
Now we are so much more who we are

You see me untouched, unplugged
Without my face made up
My mother said, when I was an infant
I’d stay up crying so I wouldn’t miss a minute
In a way, I don’t think I’ve changed for an instant

We’re both little on the side of the hill
That graffitied spot where the kids drink still
And it’s been too long not knowing my heart
I run out of words when I get to this part

I believe in the music you make
And that you’ll love me through all my mistakes
So bear with me while I get my footing
People have left me who said that they wouldn’t
Will these arms always be the ones that took me in?

I have caused my parents distress
I’ve kept myself from my own success
But you’re by me when I look over
We’ll lay shoulder to shoulder
And never collapse into each other

Chorus (If I look to you, would you have words for this part?)

Look at the horizon bubble
Oh- I am the worst kind of trouble
But the concrete kisses me
Even stars fall gracefully
I am slipping where I don’t mean to be
And the ground takes me like it’s so easy

I see you when your hair’s a mess
Cause you’ve been sleeping on my chest
You were always big-eyed and quiet
Your mother wasn’t lying
I think I can trust you enough to try it

Chorus (It’s been too long, too long)